KVM on IBM System z?

KVM을 IBM System z에서 가상화 하이퍼바이저로 사용할 수 있을 날이 올지도 모르겠습니다.

KVM Forum / oVirt Workshop의 agenda 중에 이와 관련한 토픽이 있네요.

KVM on IBM System z: Channel I/O And How To Virtualize It – Cornelia Huck, IBM

이 토픽의 내용을 보니 IBM System z가 사용하는 I/O 메카니즘과 KVM 인프라에서의 구현방안에 대해서 논의할 것인가 봅니다.

IBM Mainframes use an unique I/O mechanism different from those on other architectures: Channel I/O. This talk will present an overview of the basic concepts: Subchannels, channel paths, channel programs, and how they are exploited today by Linux. It will also discuss the challenges of modelling these concepts in light of the exisisting KVM infrastructure, and how to build a virtual channel subsystem that offers the facilities needed by Linux.

Target audience are developers and other technically-minded people who would like to spend half an hour learning more about what makes mainframes different and interesting. Knowledge about the basic workings of KVM and QEMU is required; familarity with mainframes is not.

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